Pizza Party on Tuesday

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No need to send a lunch to school on Tuesday.  We will be having our Pizza Party (for bringing in the most money for the walk-a-thon) on Tuesday, May 31st.  The students gave me their preferences for toppings.  We will have cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian and black olive pizzas.  YUM!

Kindergarten Graduation

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Please join us in celebrating the full day kindergartners as they graduate kindergarten.  We will have a simple celebration in our classroom.  The kids will receive a certificate, sing a song and present their slide show.

When:  June 16th, 11:40 – 12:30

Where:  room 208 at Carnation Elementary

Attire:  Regular school clothes

It is fine for family and grandparents to attend.  Remember that we have very small chairs in kindergarten.

Drop Races

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In science, we have been exploring force and motion with different kinds of balls.  We have looked at tennis balls, ping pong balls, rubber baseballs, bouncy balls, styrofoam balls, and wiffle balls.  We talked about ways to make the balls move: a push or a pull.  Next, we made mazes with four turns out of unifix cubes.  Kids used wind power (push) to move a ping pong ball through their maze.  We dropped different balls and counted the number of bounces.  We will graph this data tomorrow.  The kids wondered which ball would drop faster, a heavier ball or a lighter ball. We tested it out today and found that light and heavy balls fell at the same rate.  Kids were excited to continue their learning and try some dropping races at home.

How Many Laps Did We Walk?

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What a great day for the Walk-a-thon!  The kids were so excited and did an amazing job!  Below I have listed each child and the number of laps they walked (in case your child has someone who made a per lap pledge).  Remember, all walk-a-thon money is due on Friday, May 20th.

Andrei 16

Ashna 13

Ava  19

Avery  15

Claire  15

Eli  20

Gideon  25

Jacob  16

Kai  21

Koa  19

Matthew 22

Natalia  17

Nola  15

Raina 16

Ruby  14

Samuel  16

Viola  14

Walker  12

Wes  21

Zane  20

Zim  27

Walk-a-thon Tomorrow

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The Walk-a-thon is tomorrow, May 13th.

When:  We walk from 10:00 – 10:45.  So, if you’d like to walk with your child arrive at 9:50, check in at the office and meet us on the playground.  We will be the class in green.

What to Wear:  Our class has been asked to wear green shirts.  This will help make it easy for us to keep track of the kids and count their laps.  Also, be sure your child wears good walking shoes and that you apply sunscreen as it supposed to be warm tomorrow.

Lunch:  We will eat lunch at 11:00.  After we walk, we will return to the classroom to get ready for lunch.  Students buying lunch will go to the lunchroom to get their meal and then head outside to eat. Those bringing their own lunch from home, will head directly outside to eat.  We will eat until 11:30 and then return to the classroom.  At this time the kids are not to play on the playground as there will be other classes doing the walk-a-thon.  We will have a recess a little later in the day.

Now What:  After your child walks, we will record their total number of laps.  This will be communicated to you.  Now the families collect the money pledged whether it was a per lap pledge or a flat fee.  All walk-a-thon money is due on Friday, May 20th.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!!!