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A few reminders for tomorrow.

  1. Remember to bring your Spring “Read-a-thon” form.  They are due tomorrow.
  2. Tomorrow is library day.  Remember to return your book.
  3. Tomorrow is also 80’s Day.  Show your school spirit by dressing like you are from the 1980’s.

Dress Code Reminder

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Hi Everyone!

As things are warming up, I wanted to remind everyone of the school dress code.  See below.

Dress Code

In accordance with recent court decisions and district policy, students’ dress should be non-disruptive and not present health or safety problems.  Items that are not considered appropriate for elementary school include the following examples:

  • Swimsuits (of any kind or style)
  • Short shorts or skirts (shorts/skirts must be longer than fingertips with arms at sides)
  • Halter tops, spaghetti straps or strapless dresses or shirts (may be worn beneath another shirt)
  • Half shirts or any shirts that expose a child’s stomach or buttocks
  • High heel or platform shoes (injury potential) and flip flop shoes/sandals (must have back heel strap)
  • Below-waist pants worn on the hips (no undergarments may show)
  • Boots/steel toed shoes/cleats, etc. that have the potential to cause an injury to another student.
  • Decorative badges, insignia, or jewelry that is distracting or a potential danger to the student (e.g. neck straps, large earrings that can be grabbed and/or pulled, bracelets with sharp edges, etc.)


Wearing clothing that is drug, alcohol, tobacco, or gang related is strictly prohibited.

Pictures, designs and writing on clothes must be in good taste. Appropriate shoes for P.E. and recess activities are required as well on PE days.


In dealing with dress related issues, students will be given a warning and a copy of the school dress code on the first occurrence.  If students continue to violate the dress code parents will be contacted to assist in resolving the problem and a student may be placed in an alternative learning environment until the problem can be remedied.  In addition, a student may be required to put on appropriate clothing from the school collection.

Missing Key

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My classroom key fell off my lanyard today.  I have looked everywhere in the classroom, but have not found it.  It is possible that one of the kids picked it up.  If you notice that your child has a key that you don’t recognize, could you ask them about it.  It may be my missing key.

Upcoming Kindergarten/First Grade Music Performance

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Be sure to save the date.  March 24th is the Kindergarten/First Grade music performance.

What:  Old MacDonald had a Farm

When:  March 24th at 7:00 pm.  Students need to report to the music room at 6:45.

Where:  Multipurpose Room.  Parents will want to hurry over to the multipurpose room to get a seat after dropping their child off in the music room.  Classroom teachers will be in the music room to help the kids get organized and lined up.

How to Dress:  McGinnis:  wear black and white clothing


Library Tomorrow, March 2nd

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We will have library tomorrow, March 2nd.  Remember to bring back your books.  The talent show is scheduled during our regular library time.

Also, I have noticed that some library books are being damaged by water.  I’m not sure what is happening here.  I know the kids don’t take them out to recess, but am wondering if it is due to a leaky water bottle or a wet backpack from heavy rain.  To help with this I am going to give each child a ziploc bag to keep their book in while it is in their backpack.  Hopefully this will help.